Who are we ?

Friends Visitors or Admirers of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

Our Cathedral, your Cathedral has suffered. The fire of April 15, 2019 was devastating. Many of you have sent us messages of support, we thank you.
Your orders will contribute to the effort to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris. Please be very grateful.

boutique.notredamedeparis.fr was created for you! All our products are created and selected with great care.

This is our commitment to you!

The site boutique.notredamedeparis.fr and the boutique in Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral are administered by the Maurice de Sully association.

Objects, brochures, rosaries, medals etc. that we offer you have been designed or selected with great care and are the result of close collaboration with our suppliers.

The vast majority of our articles are specific and personalized. That is to say, they are made only for us. This is to offer you very high quality products which are both witnesses to the pastoral care of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and a mark of this exceptional monument.

The Maurice de Sully association, named after the bishop who decided and undertook the construction of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in the 12th century, aims to:

* to help, through its interventions and approaches, to maintain, enhance and enrich the entire sacred heritage of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and thus contribute to the influence of this place marked by history ;

* to provide assistance to the rector of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in activities and charges related to maintenance, surveillance, security and the reception of visitors and faithful;

* to support any event compatible with the religious purpose of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral;

* and, more generally, to contribute through any action that it deems useful to the knowledge and influence of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral both in France and abroad.

*work with partners who care about the quality of their products and their teams. We favor local suppliers in order to reduce our environmental impact. Our logistician, an adapted company, is committed to helping people with disabilities by promoting their professional integration.

Remember that Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, which belongs to the French State, is made available to the faithful and ministers of the Catholic faith for the practice of their religion. Assigned to the diocese of Paris, it is the episcopal seat of the Archbishop of Paris. It is a Marian sanctuary whose canons hold custody of the Holy Crown of Thorns brought by Saint Louis in 1239.

A spiritual splendor and world-renowned monument, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts 13 million faithful, pilgrims and visitors per year. It is the site of major diocesan and national celebrations.

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