To match the grandeur of our cathedral, we take the utmost care selecting our suppliers. We are looking for partners with unique know-how: goldsmiths from Maine et Loire, carved wood from Val Gardena in Italy, porcelain from Limoges, stained glass craftsmen in England, French monastic crafts... Each piece is created by craftsmen who care about the quality of their products and their teams.

Our logistics provider, an "Adapted Company"

We have chosen to work with a "Adapted Company" for logistics.

An adapted Company is an ordinary company , which allows people recognized as disabled workers to engage in a professional activity taking into account their possibilities related to their disability.

An adapted Company employs at least 80% disabled employees in its production workforce.

The mission of the Adapted Company is to support and accompany the emergence and consolidation of the disabled employees' professional project , with a view to value, promot and help with mobility within the Adapted Company or towards other companies.


Our suppliers, the choice of labels

Label of excellence : "Les Enteprises du Patrimoine Vivant"

Created in 2005, the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) label is a French Governement label set up to distinguish French artisanal and industrial companies with rare and exceptional know-how.


Ethical labels: RJC and Fair Trade

The RJC label guarantees responsible ethical, social and environmental practices, respecting human rights from the sourcing of materials to the marketing of products.

Some of our suppliers are members of the BAFTS. They adhere to the 10 fair trade principles set out by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Monastic manufacturing

We attached great importance to working with religious communities, who have been perpetuating exceptional know-how for decades.

The monks and nuns take the time and care to create beautiful items. By purchasing their products, you help them meet their needs and thus provide them with lasting support.

You will find on this website monastic-made rosaries,crosses, soaps, monastic-made.