Fuchsia Notre-Dame rosary

Fuchsia Notre-Dame rosary

Very beautiful and refined rosary made of faceted pink glass.

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Here is a beautiful and refined rosary made of faceted glass with a fuchsia mirror effect and a silver finish.

The baroque-style cross is adorned with bas-relief decorations, and the centerpiece faithfully represents the statue of Notre-Dame de Paris.

This handmade rosary features four prominent elements of Notre-Dame de Paris and was specially designed in an artisan workshop for Notre-Dame.

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The Italian artisan, based near the city of Ferrara, creates unique and exclusive products for Notre-Dame. This business was established by a couple who, after experiencing family and professional tragedies, decided to fully surrender to God and turn to faith. Driven by an inner spiritual force, the couple began crafting rosaries. One thing was certain for them: their rosaries should not be mere objects; they would be works of art! A beautiful rosary highlights the significance and beauty of each prayer. The Pope, during his official travels, offers rosaries made by this artisan!

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The rosary is an object of prayer that resembles a necklace with five sets of ten beads, the decades. Each set is followed by a single bead.

A cross and five beads are located before the centerpiece, which bears the image of the Blessed Virgin, a saint, or a Christian symbol.

These beads are used for the recitation of the "Hail Mary."

The recitation begins with the sign of the cross, "I believe in God," "Our Father," three "Hail Marys," and a "Glory Be."

It then consists of the recitation of one "Our Father," ten "Hail Marys," and a "Glory Be."

The recitation of the decades is combined with the contemplation of the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries of the life of Christ.

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✔ Rosary measuring 41 cm in length (Including chain and cross)
✔ 5mm mirror-effect pink beads
✔ Silver finish
✔ Artisanal craftsmanship
✔ Made in Europe, in Italy
✔ Exclusive to Notre Dame de Paris
✔ Gift box included

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Made in Europe
Notre Dame de Paris exclusivity
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