Notre-Dame de Paris Jubilee Bell

Notre-Dame de Paris Jubilee Bell

Beautiful bronze bell commemorating the 850th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Paris.

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This beautiful bronze bell was exclusively made for Notre-Dame. These small bronze bells are used as table bells or decorative bells. The bronze material gives them a lovely crystalline sound that can be heard from afar.

During the 850th anniversary Jubilee of the Cathedral in 2013, the entire set of bells was renovated. This set of 8 blessed bronze bells, made in Normandy, was installed in the North tower of the cathedral during the Jubilee. To commemorate this event, we offer you this lovely bronze bell, crafted in the finest tradition of bell founders by one of the makers of the new bells for Notre-Dame de Paris.

Since 1769, the Cathedral's bell ringing consists of a set of twenty bells:

Eight bells in the North tower, two bourdons (large bells) in the South tower called Marie and Emmanuel, seven bells in the spire, and three bells at the North transept for the clock chime.

Learn more about the artisan:

This foundry, based in Normandy, perpetuates the ancestral tradition of bell and art bronze making. Founded in the Middle Ages, it produces about a hundred monumental bells each year in its workshop built in 1865. Besides church bells and private property bells, the foundry creates carillons, artists' statues, and bronze bas-reliefs. This foundry collaborated with Virginie Bassetti for the bells of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Learn more about the bell-making process:

The foundry uses a traditional method to make bronze bells. A mold is created using a mixture of clay, horse dung, and goat hair. The mold consists of a core and a false bell. The cope, made of layers of clay, is then added around the false bell. Once the mold is ready, the bronze is melted at 1200°C and poured into the space between the false bell and the cope. The wax decorations melt and leave imprints on the bronze bell. Next, the crown is added, and everything is cast in one go. After cooling and demolding, the bell is sandblasted, polished, chiseled, and tuned.

Learn more about the product:

✔ Bell Height: 11 cm
✔ Bell Diameter: 5.5 cm
✔ Made of bronze
✔ Artisanal craftsmanship
✔ Made in France, in Normandy
✔ Exclusively created for Notre-Dame de Paris

Learn more about Notre-Dame's bells.

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